“Uhhh. Super sweet guys! Really thankful!!  continue doing your craft!” ; “Thank You so much!! Great job guys!” -Chesca and LA Tenorio

“Pre sa working attitude ng Dreamechanics pati sa professionalism niyo, there is no where else to go but up! All the way to the top my friends! Congrats!” – Peter and Krim

“I posted some of your pictures and mentioned your company at my twitter account;) thank you!!! So nice the video!!! Beautiful” -Aiko Melendez

“Thank you Teej, Melanie and to your gang members. 🙂 Me and Erika loved everything. As in everything!! You’ve been part of our unforgettable moment in our life.. Thank very much! More power to you guys. Kampay! 😀 (sana nag enjoy kayo sa after party..)” -Jojon and Erika

“Thank you very much Dreamechanics Event Film Maker! We really love our save the date video! You guys are very talented and creative! see you again on April 27!” -Mark and Maan

“Thank you very much to the whole team of Dreamechanics for crafting beautiful videos for us. We are happy it was you we had chosen to create those mementos for the most significant occasion of our life. The passion and love you have in what you do are invariably seen in the outputs you make. Your team is not just one great filmmaker, but also composed of true and wonderful people. Whatever success that you will continue to reap will be ours as well. God bless! -Ayson and Haydee”

To the husband and wife tandem Teej and Melanie, the think-tank of Dreamechanics Event-FilmMaker and their team  – you guys super exceeded our expectations! Thank you for such a stunning and heart-moving picture both in motion and in stills! You indeed captured our moments through your lenses, We are so grateful for having you guys to be a part of our big day and for making 2-9-13 the most memorable one! More Power, Spread the Love and Continue to Dream just dont forget to wake up! Toink! Kudos! -Bryan and Michelle

Teej and Melanie, I’m watching the wedding highlights. Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding! ♥ Good job guys! Thank you Dreamechanics Event-FilmMaker for a superb job on our wedding SDE… You were able to capture the best moments and the raw emotions during our wedding. The video brings with it nostalgia from that special day in our lives. It made me laugh and cry at the same time! We are very happy to have had you as our wedding videographers. You are very professional, accommodating and very easy to work with. God bless and more weddings/events to come! Cheers!!! Much Love,  Vincent and Frances Arrastia

HI TEEJ & MELANIE 🙂 we’re still on cloud9 till now hahahah lalo na seeing again the onsite video gives us the hibbyjeebies ang ganda talaga! its so perfect as in speechless. thanks so much for being part of our big day. good job guys as in super great job 🙂 -Aa and Jamie

Michael and I are very grateful to you for immortalizing our very special event. The photography and SDE were very impressive ^.^ -Michael and Sharon

Maraming maraming salamat team!.. awesome work! im a proud dreamechanics bride! 😀 -Peter and Krim

These Guys can make your dreams and imaginations come to life and providing TOPSHOTS that could be treasured FOREVER… You Guys Rock!!! -Brian and Heidi

Awesome work by Dreamechanics Event Film Maker! True professionals and experts in their craft! -Jp and Hiromi

“Mabelle and I would like to thank and congratulate you for the video that you made for our wedding..as of now we really can’t describe how we feel..actually mixed emotions..sure thing the video’s a HIT..you guys made our wedding more memorable and something that would want to look up to..now im getting the hang of it..hahahaha..it felt like we’re celebrities as well..thanks so much for the opportunity to learn from you guys and by sharing your God-given talents without any hesitations..we really had one of the greatest times with you..looking forward for our next video..SG bound comin’ up..hehehe..For those of you who would want your celebration to be extra meaningful, I would strongly recommend Dreamechanics Event Films and let them capture your precious moments..preparations like flowers, cakes, balloons, etc, won’t last a lifetime but VIDEOS and PICTURES do..so don’t think twice on spending, contact them and I guarantee a 101% satisfaction..if not, contact me and get your money back.. 🙂 hahahaha.. Thanks again guys..God bless and more power!!” -Michael and Mabelle, Brunei

BIG WOW!! I love it! Thank you, Dreamechanics for making our video and photos excellently captured and your creativity in the shots and video that makes our wedding fantastic and unique. God bless you more clients because you deserve it. I will highly recommend Dreamechanics who will soon to be get married or planning to get married. They are excellent not only in their specialization but also in their work attitude. God bless you more Dreamechanics. You deserved it guys! Your hardwork and skills will bring success together with God who gave you that talent. Use it for His greater glory.” -Alfred and Deborah

“Hey teej&melanie go na tayo sa video ganda :) hehe thanks sooo much guys! Perfect!” -Aa and Jamie, celebrity comedian, commercial model

“It turns out better than we expected! The concept is one of kind… Ganda!!! Very impressive!!!”  -Ford and Lei

“Thanks to melanie and teej for giving my best friend a meaningful wedding! til the next event.” -Kate

“Thank you Dreamechanics Event-FilmMaker for a job well done. Thank you too for accommodating my request to cover the debut of Abbie. It was really worth it having you and your staff at the biggest event of my daughter’s life.” -Zenaida and Abbie Alexis

Thank you po sainyong lahat! job well done! TWO THUMBS UP!. THANK YOU PO NA UMAAPAW! Thank you po tlga! :)) Congratulations too sa good work na nagawa ng team niyo :) It was really beautiful. Thanks again! Hope to work with all of you again! :))) May god bless us all! -Angela Nicolle

Wedding…You’re standing at the isle, waiting anxiously for the half of your heart to be with you to experience one of the most intense, exciting moment of your life. Preparation…Oh wow!. One of the busiest days I’ve ever encountered. So nervous, everything moving too fast… You feel that all that you have prepared for, everything that you work hard for…would fall apart! But nay! My videographer was there…so professional as they always were from the first time I met them. 
We just arrived at the hotel. After placing all our things at our room we went out to get a breather… The night before the wedding was a cold, as always Tagaytay City provides its life giving rain. It gave a glimpse of failure, my thought racing for answers to questions…What if it rains on our wedding… Should I rent a tent…? Should I move the ceremony to the ballroom…? Disappointment was at its peak…Then suddenly out of nowhere an image of three people walking down the parking lot… To my surprise my team of videographers was there… Warm smiling faces greeted me. They were scouting the area that time, maybe imaging in their minds the best shot the next day… Too me it was the first time to see them at work and they did not disappoint. I did not actually see them leave…Did not even thank them.. Sorry!
Day of the wedding was… I can’t explain the feeling!…Was up at 7am, I was walking around my room and calling my Baby at the phone asking if she’s ok… I was wondering why no one has come yet.. Neither suppliers nor guest… Oh my! It was only 8am… My heart calmed down then jumped to her a knock on my door.. It was again my videographers… So punctual, so accommodating… Their smile and encouragement would keep your excitement at bay! They already know what to do… Their loyalty to you as a client would keep any unexpected, personal moments kept, secrets that the team did not reveal. It was a promise that TJ assured me. It was time… other suppliers came… My Gosh!… It was frustrating… guest coming in, my whole entourage arriving… our whole wedding was coming into place… But there were bits and pieces of “not good” things… I would catch a glimpse of my videographers scramming for shots, taking what they can! When I passed them once the corridor, asking if they are ok…They would return the question and assured me that things would be ok! It was then time everyone walked the isle except for my Baby!… And I saw TJ smiling at an anxious me!…Assuring me that things are ok! Well you know the rest…just watch the video.
At my experience with this team… I give them an “A+”!!!!!! If there was more to that ill give it… It took time finding them… But when I watched the videos on Vimeo I was stunned. Choreography was awesome! The whole experience from contacting them to signing the contract was so a pleasant experience! My friends, family and co-workers so much enjoyed your work. Your unparalleled patience, experience and untiring diligence in making our video gave me and my baby a package we will enjoy for the rest of our lives. 
Regards to you Teej and your wife Melanie well as Kuya… Thank you Dreamechanics!… -Ray and Faye

Teej and Melanie, we want to thank you for a very beautiful SDE you made for us. Paulit-ulit namin pinapanood. Ang dami nagandahan. Di kami nagkamali sa pagpili sa inyo. Sobrang thank you po! Ang galing galing ng team nyo! Sana po mas lalo kayong makilala. We’re proud to be a part of your projects. Thank you so much! – Jess & Ella

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