Jeff and Jho | Same Day Edit | Tagaytay Wedding

Love and marriage go hand in hand. Love gently sways us to the altar to say our “I do’’s’. For Jeff and Jho, love brought them together in such a way that they feel the need and desire to commit to one another for an eternity. And it is love, which they used to measure the strength of their relationship through the years.

Jet and Maria | Same Day Edit

They say that the energy of love binds the universe together. It is love which breathes life into us and gives all living things this chance to be alive.

Geepors and Diana | Batangas Wedding | Same Day Edit

Love is a promise that never ends. Geepors and Diana vowed to be together through thick and thin. A vow held strong by their love and trust for each other.

Migo and Xanthe | Tagaytay wedding | Same Day Edit

Faith makes all things possible and Love makes them easy.


Melvin and Karen | Tagaytay Wedding | Same Day Edit

A happily ever after will resonate with anyone who has braved the unknown in search of adventure and ended up finding true love in the process.Our Australian-based couple proved that loving someone and holding on conquers everything.

Ernest and Michi | Same Day Edit

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ortigas
Santuario de San Jose, Mandaluyong City
Glass Garden Event Venue, Pasig City

Avin and Jan | Tagaytay Wedding | Same Day Edit

Villa Ibarra, Tagaytay
Chapel on the hill, Nasugbu Batangas


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