Jetz and Satin | Same Day Edit

Sharing your heart with someone doesn’t need a reason. If you can’t explain it, it’s simply called ‘LOVE’.

Fiel and Maisie | Same Day Edit

We were born into this world open and trusting with an expectation to love and to be loved. It is the most natural thing in the world. For Fiel and Maisie, to finally tie the knot is the greatest blessing and to fulfill their wedding vows, they will continue to keep their hearts open for as long as they can because all they need is love.

Jeff and Jho | Same Day Edit | Tagaytay Wedding

Love and marriage go hand in hand. Love gently sways us to the altar to say our “I do’’s’. For Jeff and Jho, love brought them together in such a way that they feel the need and desire to commit to one another for an eternity. And it is love, which they used to measure the strength of their relationship through the years.

Jet and Maria | Same Day Edit

They say that the energy of love binds the universe together. It is love which breathes life into us and gives all living things this chance to be alive.