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Lauro and Aya | Same Day Edit

It is true that manifesting your fate with your soulmate requires that you work together in balance, always striving for equality in your relationship and respecting each other’s contributions. For Lauro and Aya, loving each other is their highest purpose. Love will help them weather the storms as well as propel their dreams for the future. Their mutual goal is to live a fulfilling life together.

Ryan and Glaiza | Same Day Edit

We are born to love. Although science has given us some insight on the nature of love, this fundamental domain of human existence remains something of a mystery. But for Ryan and Glaiza, their passion for each other sustained their life-long relationship. They see their relationship as a journey together towards self-fulfillment.

Don and Myka | Same Day Edit

We are all driven by passion. Our desires spur us to move forward and bravely face our tomorrows. Just like in love, it seeks courage. You have to be ready to put yourself out and to give it all you got. It can be overwhelming seeing your future walking towards you, someone you will spend your whole life with. But Don and Myka embraced this feeling. They welcomed it with open hearts. Because they know that at the end of the road, true love awaits.

Joey and Frances | Same Day Edit

Change is inevitable and our hearts long for something constant. For Joey and Frances, they let themselves grow amidst the endless change of season and in the end they discovered that something permanent was etched unto their hearts along the journey. Love did. Years spent after, they continue to uplift and inspire each other. Now in front of their loved ones and the One who gave them to each other, they promised forever.

Paolo and Elaine | Tagaytay Wedding | Same Day Edit

Elaine loved Paolo through all the years they were together. Paolo cherished Elaine with everything he had. They knew they were better off facing the future hand in hand. Now that they have finally tied the knot, their love story begins anew. Together, they are as formidable as ever.

Paolo and Elaine | The Proposal

A marriage proposal that is all about that one kiss, a request, a promise and a question that will change Paolo and Elaine’s lives for the better. Yes, there might be many ways to be happy but none as permanent and fulfilling as the happiness one finds in love.

This is by far the best conceptualized proposal that we did!

Jerome and Merriam | Same Day Edit

The seasons of life include both good and bad times. Life is full of contrasts. But if you try to live your life according to the way God wants you to live, then all of these experiences have purpose and value in your life. Because God really makes all things beautiful in his own perfect time.

Jeff and Jho | Same Day Edit | Tagaytay Wedding

Love and marriage go hand in hand. Love gently sways us to the altar to say our “I do’’s’. For Jeff and Jho, love brought them together in such a way that they feel the need and desire to commit to one another for an eternity. And it is love, which they used to measure the strength of their relationship through the years.