Archive | January 2017

Joey and Frances | Same Day Edit

Change is inevitable and our hearts long for something constant. For Joey and Frances, they let themselves grow amidst the endless change of season and in the end they discovered that something permanent was etched unto their hearts along the journey. Love did. Years spent after, they continue to uplift and inspire each other. Now in front of their loved ones and the One who gave them to each other, they promised forever.


Paolo and Elaine | Tagaytay Wedding | Same Day Edit

Elaine loved Paolo through all the years they were together. Paolo cherished Elaine with everything he had. They knew they were better off facing the future hand in hand. Now that they have finally tied the knot, their love story begins anew. Together, they are as formidable as ever.

Paolo and Elaine | The Proposal

A marriage proposal that is all about that one kiss, a request, a promise and a question that will change Paolo and Elaine’s lives for the better. Yes, there might be many ways to be happy but none as permanent and fulfilling as the happiness one finds in love.

This is by far the best conceptualized proposal that we did!

Maki and Michelle | Same Day Edit

“Our relationship may not be perfect, but I know it is something special because we find strength in God and in the love that we have chosen”. It is true that It takes a lot of courage and devotion to commit to someone even if they are not perfect. For Maki and Michelle, all they need to do is to open themselves to the possibilities provided from above.

Lemmore and Jenelee | Tagaytay Wedding | Same Day Edit

Building confidence in any budding love relationship takes time and commitment. The secret of love is that it is a gift. Yes giving away love takes time and accepting true love takes courage. But for Lemmore and Jenelee to be in love is to dash across the field on a beautiful morning unafraid to fall down as you leap into the arms of the one you love and who loves you.

Paolo and Rachelle | Same Day Edit

The mere mention of the word love makes you feel mushy, right? Admit it, there is something about love that we never forget. It leaves us with many memories and lessons. For Paolo and Rachelle, experience is a curve that helped strengthen their relationship that led them to finally say their “I Dos”.

Jim and Mae | Same Day Edit

Is there anything more challenging in life than relationships? Maintaining long-lasting relationships is as difficult as it is important. For Jim and Mae, love is a commitment. The key to happiness is to build each other up and make a better world for each other.