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Christmas in Hong Kong and Macau

Christmas in Hong Kong and Macau from DREAMECHANICS by Teej & Melanie on Vimeo.

Most people are keen to celebrate Christmas in Hong Kong and Macau. The cities themselves certainly gets into the spirit of things, with lights strung across every skyscraper, shopping mall donned with christmas decorations and sales and major cultural events being celebrated. One of the must-seen events in Hong Kong happens in Disneyland on Lantau Island. They host christmas-themed entertainment which is good amusement for kids, especially to our baby boy, DeAngelo Kyle. This was our first time to travel abroad with our son. We had so much fun but nothing can beat the smile and laughter that we saw in our son’s face. It was all worthwhile.

Accommodation: Dorsett Regency Hotel Hong Kong


A Weekend Frolic with Friends

A Weekend Frolic with Friends from DREAMECHANICS by Teej & Melanie on Vimeo.

Socializing. Conversation. Recreation. Friendship. We party for this very reason. This is the 6th Friday clubbing in a row at Republiq Club Resorts World Manila! We also pre-celebrated Lite’s birthday with which we downed 3 bottles of Cuervo Tequila and beers in just a few hours. Shots turned to “laklak” literally. We danced from our very core. We met acquaintances, friends and even people out of nowhere! Insane! We did a lot of craziness! We just want to enjoy life to its fullest! We want to party like there’s no tomorrow!

Remake of a Cat

A video project of a BOBCAT that was rebuilt ground up, originally purchased from a surplus yard, work time covered around 1 1/2 months to be exact, over scorching heat and dreadful rain…

thank you very much for viewing !

DeAngelo Kyle at the Beach

Our baby DeAngelo Kyle’s 3rd Roadtrip: Summer in Subic 04.09.11 (6mos) Summer for me evokes images of sun-drenched day, lazy golden afternoon at the beach, ice-cold fruit juice, later starlit night and most importantly my family to complete it all. the memories of family outings will always be a source of love, strength and happiness to me. Thank you so much mama and papa for this trip, I’m sure you’ll arrange more travels like this in the near future just to make my baby boy, your grandson happy. Teej and I are both thankful for making our son’s childhood always memorable. We love you so much! (message from your daughter, Meanne)