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Manly and Joanne | A Love Story

Love. Is there any feeling more splendid than love? Finding your soul mate and sharing true love can be life changing. Friendship and romance combined with the excitement of creating shared new experiences lays a solid groundwork for lasting love. We travel everyday searching for a purpose with hope that each footstep could lead us closer to our dream. The world is full of many places and many people and sometimes that the one perfect person for us on the planet is just in a place called home. Destiny seems farther and we look for something all our life and in the end love is just around the corner. For Manly and Joanne, love has nothing to do with what you are wishing to get, only with what you are wishing to give, which is everything…

Canyon Woods Resort, Tagaytay
Pinto Art Gallery, Antipolo


Jerome and Irah | Same Day Edit

True love is something that everyone wants to feel. It is the most beautiful thing that can happen to someone because love is one shared feeling. But to make it real means two individuals must come together with open hearts already filled with love so that the love from their hearts will overflow as it is joyously shared. For Jerome and Irah, to be loved gives them strength and to love each other gives them courage. For this travel buddies to love hard when there is love to be had is important because in marriage its not all thrill rides and fine wine but as long as they have each other wherever they be they are stronger. Let’s witness their love story as the day was bright and the sun shined on them when they vowed to love each other forever in front of God and their loved ones.

Preparation: Sofitel Philippine Plaza
Ceremony: San Agustin Church
Reception: Villa Immaculada, Intramuros