DeAngelo Kyle at the Beach

Our baby DeAngelo Kyle’s 3rd Roadtrip: Summer in Subic 04.09.11 (6mos) Summer for me evokes images of sun-drenched day, lazy golden afternoon at the beach, ice-cold fruit juice, later starlit night and most importantly my family to complete it all. the memories of family outings will always be a source of love, strength and happiness to me. Thank you so much mama and papa for this trip, I’m sure you’ll arrange more travels like this in the near future just to make my baby boy, your grandson happy. Teej and I are both thankful for making our son’s childhood always memorable. We love you so much! (message from your daughter, Meanne)


About Dreamechanics Event Films

Dreamechanics Event Films is a professional team of videographers that shares creativity and imagination through travel, photography and videography inspired by love, family and life. For more information: Visit our website for more videos and promotions! Like our page on facebook to view our latest features and updates! Follow us on twitter! Teej-Melanie Ambata (Dreamechanics)

One response to “DeAngelo Kyle at the Beach”

  1. dreamechanicseventfilms says :

    Photobots! thank you very much for the like đŸ™‚ hope to get one of my photos up on your wall sometime đŸ™‚

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