John and Glad | Same Day Edit

Diamond Hotel
San Sebastian Church
Light of Love

Ryan and Kaye | Same Day Edit

Day by day we witness the world evolve as seasons change and people grow and love. For Ryan and Kaye meeting each other was a fate but falling in love was beyond their control. Now that they finally tied the knot, they are now committed to love each other more everyday. This feeling is great and when found must be cherished forever…

Seda Hotel, Nuvali Sta. rosa
San Vicente Ferrer Parish, Calamba Laguna
Château de Paris, Sta. Rosa

Melvin and Kay | Tagaytay Wedding | Same Day Edit

Two hearts joined together in friendship and united forever in love…

Taal Vista Hotel
San Antonio de Padua, Silang Cavite
Splendido Taal Golf and Country Club

Alvin and Shane | Same Day Edit

Diamond Hotel, Roxas Boulevard
Paco Church

Rai and Cat | Same Day Edit

People define love in different ways. For some it’s passion, for others love means loyalty, compassion, generosity or a friendship on fire. For Rai and Cat, for what better way to define love than by marrying the person you would want to spend the rest of your life with. Let’s open up our hearts to love as we witness another heartfelt union of two souls.

Richmonde Hotel Ortigas
Mango Farm

Jayr and Jona | Guagua Pampanga | Same Day Edit

King’s Royale Hotel and Resort, Pampanga
Betis Church (Parish Church of St. James the Apostle)


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